Our Faculty and Staff Make it Possible

With So Many Outstanding Faculty, We Needed a Whole New Set of Medals

This year, we started a new tradition by honoring the work of our amazing faculty with through inaugural medals for excellence at Commencement. Engineering professor Jill Nelson earned the John Toups Medal for Excellence in Teaching for education and research efforts, and innovation in the classroom. For cutting-edge scientific research into disease prevention and diagnostics, Lance Liotta, co-director of Mason’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine, received the Beck Family Medal for Excellence in Research and Scholarship. The Karen and Hector Alcalde Medal for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion went to Kevin Clark for founding the Center for Digital Media Innovation and Diversity, and to Wendi Manuel-Scott for promoting classroom diversity and pairing middle school students with Mason students for time management studies. Finally, the Earle C. Williams Medal for Excellence in Social Impact was awarded to Cynthia Lum, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, for generating and putting into practice high-quality criminology and criminal justice research, and to Michael W. “Doc Nix” Nickens, director of the Green Machine pep band, for his commitment to students and the Mason community.